Zip, the Question Answer App featured on Radar Online

zipradarfeatureCongratulations to our Client Zip, the Question Answer App for their feature on Radar Online!

Do New Year resolutions work? Some people think yes. Some people think no. Imagine debating this question with a friend†it could take hours! The truth of the question is that it’s a matter of opinion, so how is a winner determined? Zip, the Question Answer App, can figure it out! Just ask the question, and find out what percentage of people agree or disagree with you.

Zip, the Question Answer App, is a fun app that will settle life’s friendly squabbles, arguments and subjective questions by tallying votes from other users quickly and anonymously. Share your opinion on other people’s questions with a simple swipe or tap! This user-friendly, game-like app can be extremely addictive!

Media outlets are partnering with Zip, the Question Answer App, to integrate it, too! iHeart Radio Stations in Los Angeles are using the app to take real-time polls on which songs their listeners want to hear next, “Sign up for Zip, the Question Answer App, and tell us if you want to hear Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift next!” Check them out at thezipapp.com!

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