Zip featured on TechRepublic


Congratulations to our Client Zip for their feature on TechRepublic!

Zip the Question Answer App helps businesses source high-quality opinions from the crowd.

Zip provides group consensus from users in all 50 states with real-time results to user-generated questions that are both asked and answered anonymously. It is truly a social app, designed to engage users in an ongoing national conversation with UX that leads to Zip being called “Tinder for the intellectually curious”. While other apps focus on serving users with traditional polls and surveys, Zip provides content from all different verticals and categories of interest in random order.

The app is flying up the iOS popularity charts. Anonymity allows users to get consensus without disclosing their identity, and to answer [questions] without fear of repercussion. Get raw, truthful feedback about your product or company that can ultimately lead to more informed business decisions and a better understanding of the market. Find out more at thezipapp.com!


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