Working from Home: Six Tips for Finding Balance as an Employee and a Parent

ChicExecs VP of Global Strategic Accounts, Lydia Vargo, shares how parents can find a work-life balance this summer on Forbes blog.

Covid-19 took many workers from their cubicles to their couches. While some offices are calling employees back to the workplace, plenty of professionals are still working remotely for the foreseeable future.

We are living through an unprecedented and highly stressful time. For those of us who have young kids at home, we face an added challenge as we move into the summer months. School is out, and many daycares are closed. A career and childcare are both full-time jobs. Add the fact that most kids do not understand the words “I have to work right now,” and it can feel nearly impossible to find success.

Here Are Six Tips for Getting Past the Constant Work-Life Balance Struggle

1. Talk to Your Boss

Your boss probably knows this already, but let them know you’re juggling business calls with snack time and raucous games of tag. If there is ever a time to ask your manager for support, it’s during a crisis like the pandemic.

2. Take Shifts

If you have a spouse or partner, see if it’s feasible to tackle child care in shifts. Perhaps your partner doesn’t have meetings in the morning, so they parent the kids until noon.

3. Tap into Virtual Babysitters

No, this doesn’t mean you’re leaving a two-year-old alone with an iPad while you go to the grocery store. Virtual babysitters engage with your kids while you’re working from home.

4. Give Everyone an “Office”

Yes, every adult and child in your home should get an “office space.” If you have school-aged kids, give them each a corner of the home that’s dedicated to schoolwork and summer projects.

5. Schedule Your Breaks

Life can’t be all work and no play. Take this time to create a schedule for your family that includes breaks.

6. Assign Age-Appropriate Responsibilities

Fortunately, as a working parent, you’re not responsible for everything. Rely on your kids to offer age-appropriate help around the house. A set list of duties can prevent arguments and tantrums — and save your sanity.

Read Lydia Vargo’s full blog for more tips on finding a work-life balance this summer.

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