Wordologies Journal Trio

For big thoughts, little lists, daydreams, or doodles. Journals with a message.

What’s more luscious than the potential within a brand-new journal? Such dizzying possibility, so much space for creation (or grocery lists, sure).

Our journals come three to a package, wrapped up in a spiffy twine bow. Each journal contains 40 pages and is 6 inches by 8.25 inches. Made of 100% recycled paper you get one lined, one blank, and one graph-paper journal in each trio. A different Wordologies message appears on each cover.

Tap into your center before you pull open your journal for whatever moves you. Sized just right for big thoughts or little notes. Easy to tuck into a purse, nice-looking atop your desk or on your nightstand for recording wee-hour brainstorms.

Pink: mindfulness matters. be where you are.

Green: contentment completes. not money. not power. not fame.

Blue: tranquility triumphs. when the world wants more. give less.

website: www.wordologies.com

price: $18.00

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