Why and How to Jumpstart Your Brand Strategy With the Power of PR

ChicExecs VP of Global Strategic Accounts, Lydia Vargo, shares ways to jumpstart your brand strategy with PR on Forbes blog.

Although branding is the foundation of any company, people confuse marketing and PR the most and frequently question their purpose.

Large enterprises are often guilty of siloing PR and marketing teams, which makes it more difficult to unify the brand’s real message. That is why PR and marketing have to work together using a holistic approach that keeps both teams on the same page. When done right, the synergy between PR and marketing can give your brand a lot of horsepower.

Three Ways PR And Marketing Should Work Together

1. Audience Amplification

Who are you speaking to? Audience is everything when you’re trying to make a name for yourself, and who you’re engaging with matters. Your audience should dictate everything from your content format to your language choices

Your marketing is your message; PR gives your story a stage, a microphone and “puts butts in the seats.”

Your PR strategy should ensure your brand stands out to the right people in the right place. It is the foundation that the brand is built on and the reputation that makes you proud and trusted.

2. Perception And Image

You’ve created a brand, but how do your customers really feel about your brand identity? After all, there’s a reason why some shoppers adore brands like Trader Joe’s and feel lukewarm about big box stores.

Your PR should tell the right story — the one that showcases your values and sets the right tone with shoppers. Instead of crossing your fingers and hoping your audience loves your brand, create a PR strategy that gives you more influence over your place in the market with powerful storytelling.

3. Brand Authority

Authority is hard to measure, but it’s still incredibly important. Make sure your PR strategy boosts the authority behind your brand. It should establish you as a thought leader and trusted investment.

Marketing alone isn’t necessarily strategic and thoughtful. PR, however, is all about strategy and creating a communication plan and playbook to grow your influence methodically. Brand authority will not only net you more press and boost trust with shoppers, but it can also prevent image issues before they happen.

Read Lydia Vargo’s full blog on how to jumpstart your brand with the power of PR here.

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