WarmZe! Number1 Portable Bottle Warmers Designed for Babies On-the-Go!

Whether you are a frequent traveler or just making the occasional trip to the grandparent’s house, this portable eco-friendly bottle warmer is a must have for parents who deserve hassle-free feedings! WarmZe’s amazing bottle warmers produce natural heat without the use of batteries, electrical outlets, microwaves and stoves! Quick, easy and effective! Parents place the prepared bottle into the BottleSOC, wrap the air activated warmer around it and then pull the outer layer of the BottleSOC over it. A perfectly warmed bottle will be ready in thirty minutes or less and is never overheated! The gradual warmth of this process ensures that the contents don’t become too hot and lose their nutritional value. Each WarmZe can be used multiple times a day and stays warm for up to 10 hours, making it easy for busy parents to plan ahead and warm bottles well in advance of feeding time.

website: www.warmze.com

price: $15.89

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