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Video Marketing services play a vital role in adding engaging and dynamic content to your brand and building trust with customers and prospects. In the modern marketing landscape, images and written content alone can be unengaging and uninteresting, especially for clients overwhelmed with interactive videos, live streaming, and augmented reality.

Most business enterprises are starting to appreciate the importance of video and are now investing in its creation and distribution. As a result of this growth, you might find yourself behind if you aren’t posting branded video content frequently. But, if you’ve hardly created a video for your brand, getting started might be rough. That’s where ChicExecs’ digital marketing expertise comes in!

A high-quality video is noteworthy, but it’ll have minimal impact if you don’t have a well-planned strategy. You should ensure that your video is shared on the right social media platforms so that your target customers can see it. We will create engaging videos and incorporate them into your marketing campaigns.

Our expert Digital Marketing Team is highly experienced in creating the best quality videos to cater to every video marketing campaign, such as how-to clips, social media posts, and video ads. If you’re looking for a way to instill a stronger brand presence through compelling videos and attract a larger audience, entrust the job to our creative video content creators.

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Elevate Your Brand Through More Than Video Marketing Services

Jump into video marketing services to increase your sales, create more leads and captivate long-lasting clients with video marketing solutions. Study shows that brands that integrate videos in their marketing campaigns enjoy 34 percent higher web conversion and 27 percent higher CTR rates than those that don’t.

Product reviews, how-to videos, and business profile videos can increase your search engine real estate and raise the performance of your company’s SEO campaign. If you’re planning to generate more calls, boost your brand exposure and leads, or promote your videos from your website, contact ChicExecs. Our video marketing firm consists of experts in:

Video marketing is a fantastic way to capture the mind of your customers on an emotional level. We’ll use audience insights and creativity to match the message to your target audience.

Our experts in demand generation will recommend social media posts, titles, and descriptions to optimize your brand videos for suitable phrases on Google search.

Whether live-action or animated, we begin with an outline that integrates visual and audio elements to ensure that your content shines through.

Frequently, cutaways and supplemental videos will be shot on site. We work hand in hand with your team to create a b-roll shot list before the shoot and ensure that every desired shot is captured to perfection.

Your team must be comfortable on camera. Our specialized team can provide instructions and guidelines from wardrobe to proposed phrasing.

Our team will modify your package to suit your brand by:

# Creating motion graphics and 2D animations

# Creating full-screen graphics and lower-thirds

# Callouts

We also have experts in pre-production, YouTube marketing editing, and post-production.

What Types of Videos Are Effective in Marketing?

We have years in the industry and know how to create engaging videos that invoke emotions. Having dealt with clients from various sectors and monitored consumer behaviors, we understand to create short precise videos with call to action (CTA).

Our video marketing agency offers a wide variety of video marketing services, including:

  • Video scriptwriting and editing.
  • Onsite video production.
  • Video SEO for search engines and social media.
  • Video graphic production.
  • Design, filming, and onsite shot consultation
Types of Videos for Effective marketing

Video length and preciseness determine their efficacy, and we bear this mind all the time when creating our clients’ video content. The most effective videos for marketing should not be more than a minute for ads. Profile and most how-to videos should be less than three minutes long.

Most consumers prefer short videos. Your audience is likely to view your video if they know that you often create short, quick, and concise motion content. For an effective Content marketing campaign driven by videos, your produced content must incorporate the following videos:

Brand’s Objective Videos

It would be best to show your target audience what sets you apart from other similar brands in the market.

How-to videos

Research has revealed that how-to videos get the most attention of any content category on YouTube.


You should share your best testimonials to convince the audience that you’re the best choice for them.

User Assurance

Clients and prospects often need an assurance that you’re what you claim to be. And these types of videos can convey the message quickly.

Call to action videos

These are videos that prompt the viewer to take action after watching. They should be short, precise, and push the viewer to act. You can include your phone, email, address, or website URL to guide the viewer how to reach you.

Company history

Personalize your brand and create authenticity.

Does Your Business Need Videos For Marketing?

Video content posting on your website or social media pages can drive enhanced visitor engagement, impart credibility and trust, and generate massive conversions. In addition, creating numerous marketing videos offers a cost-effective way to boost your website’s popularity and successfully put forth the right sales pitch.

Most businesses engage video marketing service providers to engage prospects, generate quality leads, and make conversions. And search engines, notably Google, have implemented advanced search algorithms to suggest videos to users instead of plain text. This, in turn, gives videos a better chance of improving ranks on the search engine results page.

As such, if you want to maximize the returns on your ad spend and marketing efforts, you should incorporate video ads on every platform, including YouTube, the second most used search engine.

ChicExecs has the skills, knowledge, and resources to create captivating videos for your marketing campaigns.

Video Marketing
SEO and Video Hosting

SEO and Video Hosting

Hosting and adding a video to your website page should be carefully done to gain the rank and benefits of search engine optimization. At ChicExecs, we will work with you to establish the best hosting platform, including Facebook, Instagram, Wistia, YouTube, or any other social video avenue.

Video SEO is a crucial factor in the marketing process. We will ensure your video acquires the correct video markup structured data. It’ll ensure that search engines understand the video and the content and adequately rank it in search. Most video hosting channels do not do this automatically; a manual step is needed.

How Can Video marketing Services Enhance Your SEO?

Video marketing services offer numerous perks, but improving search engine optimization stands out. Enhancing SEO through videos is an excellent way of reaching out to audiences who prefer watching over reading. That accounts for about 64 percent of consumers who also include videos in their search for a product use search whenever they want to purchase.

Studies also show that 71 percent of users visit a retailer app or website when they’re in the decision-making stage. That means it’s essential for your website to rank higher on search engines results pages. According to BrightEdge, Google displays a video thumbnail close to a search result, and it does this for around 26 percent of search results. It makes users more likely to click the listing.

Thumbnails make the search results a rich snippet with high click-through rates than the standard snippets. By creating thumbnails, you will guide both the search engine and the viewers on what your video is about, increasing click rates.

Video marketing Services Enhance SEO
Video marketing enhances SEO

Also, video embedded web pages bring more organic traffic than those without videos. Research shows that adding a video to the existing post increases traffic.

Videos can also help other metrics that Google takes into account while ranking. The two vital metrics for SEO are the number of backlinks referring to your domain and the time users spend on your page. The videos often improve both of these figures.

According to a study, people spend twice as long on a page with a video than one without. The quality of your video content determines the number of backlinks you’re likely to get. It’s worth noting that marketing videos, directly and indirectly, benefit SEO. The videos influence your ranking and other factors in Google’s ranking algorithms.

Make Every Ad Spend Count with Video Marketing Services Today

Our top-notch video marketing services present an excellent chance for brands like yours to maximize their return on investment through digital marketing. As many consumers continue to rate video over other forms of content, they’re expecting businesses, whether small, medium, or large enterprises, to connect with them via video.

Many business owners and managers are following suit with the idea of promoting their brand through videos. Take full advantage of this fascinating marketing tool to outshine your competitors. Experienced video creators at ChicExecs will craft your business’s most compelling video marketing strategy. Start your journey to digital transformation with our video marketing services today.

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