Vers featured on ET Canada

versetcanadaCongratulations to our Client Vers for their feature on ET Canada!

Vers is committed to three basic values: thoughtful design, brilliant sound quality and a continuous pursuit of environmental sustainability †‘sound sound’ for short. Their sound systems and mobile sound accessories are designed to deliver a clean, natural sound that only wood can deliver. In a world filled with highly processed, digitized, re-mixed, compressed music, Vers’ natural sound is a refreshing difference.

Your purchase can also make a difference. When you buy a Vers product from versaudio.com, you’ll have a chance to donate $1 to plant a tree – they’ll match it 1:1 with a donation to the Arbor Day Foundation.

Meet the new 2Q, a full 13 watt stereo sound system with bluetooth. It brings the beauty, natural acoustic properties and inherent renewability of wood to wherever you and your mobile device wander: to the office, the back yard or simply from room to room. With its compact footprint, 30′ range and estimated 9 hours of battery life, 2Q is ready to play.

Stereo sound! Small package! Check them out at versaudio.com!

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