Urthbox featured on FutureDerm

urthboxCongratulations to our Client Urthbox for their feature on FutureDerm!

UrthBox is the best way to discover healthy new foods, beverages, snacks and more for your home, the office or on-the-go every month.

UrthBox comes in four easy options designed to meet your specific needs and lifestyle: The Classic, The Gluten-Free, The Vegan and The Diet.

It’s a known fact that the primary driver of our good or bad health is what we consume. Both childhood obesity and adult obesity largely have to do with the types of foods we consume, especially while snacking. And, with our busier and busier daily lives of career, fitness and family who has the time to make sure the very crucial thing that drives our health is attended to? Urthbox will help you cut through the crud and keep you focused on making healthy foods a priority in your life. Check them out at urthbox.com!





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