Urban Lace and Hot Girls Pearls featured on Beaute Report

beauteCongratulations to our Clients Urban Lace and Hot Girls Pearls for their feature on Beaute Report!

Who knew old bicycle inner tubes could be so fashionable? On a mission to lessen the number of bicycle inner tubes placed in land fills, the founders of Urban Lace have found a solution: fun and fashionable jewelry. Check out their collection of bracelets, necklaces, earrings, masks and more! Elegant design with the planet in mind.

Check them out at urbanlacejewelry.com.

A menopausal mom is usually an uncomfortable mom. Bring her comfort while staying in classic style. Hot Girl’s Pearls is a great wear for Mom when hot flashes flare up. Add this to her beloved bauble collection. This will be one time Mom appreciates chilling out!

Check them out at hotgirlspearls.com!

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