Uber Appliance Live on Kitchen League Challengers vs. Champs

Our client Uber Appliance will be featured live today on the popular competitive cooking show, Kitchen League Challengers vs. Champs, at 3:00 pm EDT.

Viewers can create a Twitch account and comment in real-time to the contestants, judges, and hosts, oftentimes with hilarious results!

The two-hour show is the series finale, combining the best of cooking with pop culture. Uber Appliance is highlighted for offering modern retro kitchen appliances with minimalistic vintage designs. On the show will be the Uber Mini Fridge and Uber Air Fryer, both beautifully exemplifying convenience coupled with elegant designs.

Uber Mini Fridge

The sleek and highly functional design features heating and cooling options to keep contents cool or hot. Utilizing state-of-the-art and environmentally friendly thermo-electric Peltier Technology, Uber Chill is capable of cooling or warming within a reasonable amount of time, cooling down to 32o F and warming up to 150o F. Keep your food warm now and your drinks cold for later!

– Store your food and favorite beverages anywhere in homes, nurseries, bathrooms, vehicles, boats, or RVs- 

– Attention new mamas, use it to store breastmilk! Hint: Uber Chill makes a great baby shower gift

– Perfect for storing skincare and beauty products that need refrigeration

– Use for travel and road trips when a cooler just won’t do

Uber Air Fryer

Uber Appliance’s easy-to-use, state-of-the-art touch screen air fryer that’s virtually goof-proof. Perfectly fries your favorite dish by using rapid air circulation technology. The Uber Air Fryer surrounds the food with hot air circulating rapidly instead of oil. This process makes the food crispy on the outside yet perfectly cooked and juicy on the inside. Then, sit back, relax and enjoy your freshly cooked air fryer meal. 

– Uber Air Fryer comes in two sizes – 3.7 Qt to 5 Qt  

– Easy load basket

– Dishwasher safe components for hassle-free cleaning

– Programmable with auto-shutoff 

Check out Uber Appliance for retro designs with modern appeal. Tune in today and enjoy the show!

Congrats Uber Appliance!









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