U-Lace featured on IndyStyle

ulacefeatureCongratulations to our Client U-Lace for their feature on IndyStyle!

U-Lace are modular shoe laces giving you limitless ways to customize and configure the look of your sneakers. Â In addition to picking colors U-Lacers also get to pick lacing patterns; diagonals; parallels, teeter-totter, basket weave, etc.  Currently there are about 40 known U-Lace lacing patterns available.

Once laced with U-Lace, sneakers instantly become easy-on/easy-off slip-ons that never need to be tied again. Even skateboarders swear by U-Lace because the stretchy nature of the product allows the product to give and go during hard skating and tricks.

Color your world! Check them out at u-lace.com!

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