9 Trade Show Tips and Tricks for a Successful Trade Show

Trade Show Tips and Tricks

Prepping for a trade show is more than just booth set up. While some businesses have the secret recipe for networking at trade shows “ it’s no secret. It’s simple: trade show success is measured by how much effort you put into it.

9 Secret Trade Show Tips and Tricks

But what specific strategies will boost your business? Check out our top nine trade show tips and tricks for making the most of your trade show experience:

 Prep with a Press Release

Prep with a Press Release

Send a press release to media prior to the show, inviting them to your booth for a new product reveal to your store.

Boost with a Buyer Release

Boost with a Buyer Release

Send out a buyer release to existing and new buyers, inviting them as VIP to set a meeting with you to review your product launch at your booth, before it’s released. Get them excited about your brand new business!

Tease with Treats

Tease with Treats

Offer special treats for VIP guests, such as cupcakes and drinks if they schedule a meet and greet time with you. Everyone loves freebies, and this will help you network and get face to face with the right people! 

Send Special Gifts

Send unique invites through the mail, like ice cream or cookies, prior to the show. This will attract buyers to your booth!

Meet & Greet

Influencer marketing is a great way for branding your business. Here are some important benefits of influencer marketing that can leverage your business. Read some of the be Schedule influencers to be at your booth at a specific time, while inviting buyers and media outlets to come at the same time for the perfect meet and greet sesh!

Use Social Media

Use Social Media

Plan live social media streaming at your booth! Whether that’s an Instagram story, live Tweeting, or a customized Snapchat story, it’s essential for media and buyers to see the behind the scenes action during the trade show.

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Keep Features Front and Center

Keep Features Front and Center

Prepare press features that you can hang in your booth for credibility and recognition. Show your company off, you work hard “ tell the world all the great features you get from that hustle!

Don’t Let Anyone Miss Out

Can a buyer not attend this year? Don’t forget to alert them about pre-show specials that they can take advantage of! No one should miss out on the ability to network.

It’s All in the Details

It's All in the Details

Make sure you have a compelling catalog, look book, and line sheet for your buyers to peruse.

Here you have it: 9 secret trade show tips and tricks from ChicExecs. Now gear up for the next trade show with these tips to help you and your team thrive!

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