TORRAIN featured on Wonderlust Adventures

torrainfeatureCongratulations to our Client TORRAIN for their feature on Wonderlust Adventures!

TORRAIN’s story began in the rural farmlands of Cambodia where a local lady, Sothea Yung decided to take action in her community. Farmers were not only living in poverty, but also in a toxic environment.  Sothea noticed that pesticides and solid waste used for the growing and shipping of cement, fish feed and other products were piling up and not being disposed of properly.

Sothea began purchasing the discarded materials from the communities and recycling it. She then employed local families to wash, dry and sew the materials into durable, water resistant and colorful tote bags.

In 2009, while visiting a night market in Cambodia, Nyla Jano noticed the recycled materials and met Sothea. Upon learning the backstory of the artisans and the recycled materials, Nyla became inspired to create TORRAIN.

TORRAIN recycled bags are made of reclaimed cement, magazines and feed and rice bags and are made in Cambodia by artisans who’ve been marginalized, affected by land mines or polio. Torrain bags are dedicated to providing sustainable products and to fostering communities.

Check out their wallets, tote bags, messenger bags, hand bags and shoulder bags at www.torrain.org!

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