Tip ‘n Split featured on Nipper’s Table Talk

tabletalkCongratulations to our Client Tip ‘n Split for their feature on Nipper’s Table Talk!

Gone are the days of fumbling around for your reading glasses and light when the bill arrives. This holiday season, thanks to Tip ’n Split, you can have the only device on the market that not only calculates your tip, but also magnifies AND provides light!

Let’s face it; it’s troubling to be fumbling around with the bill, squinting in low light, and trying to read the final amount, while trying to enjoy an evening out with friends and family.  Is that $42 or a $45?  Then trying to calculate the proper tip amount†and instantly your holiday cheer has just turned into a math assignment†no fun!

tipnsplitThanks to Tip ’n Split , you can quickly calculate the tip, split the bill with friends and family, and stop worrying about how to make the right calculations! The great thing about Tip ’n Split is that it is a specialized calculator, so instead of just getting pre-prescribed amounts for tips like 15% or 20%, you can calculate exactly what percentage you would like to give!  In the true spirit of the holidays, you can figure out what an extra 5-10% would be for your Christmas Eve dinner, to spread cheer around, or maybe calculate an extra 5% for outstanding service at your New Year’s Eve celebration.

Check them out at tipandsplit.com!

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