Three Tips For Building A Gen Z Marketing Plan

ChicExecs VP of Public Relations and Digital Marketing, Kristen Wessel, shares three tips for building a Gen Z marketing plan on Forbes blog. Here’s a recap from the article.

Although brands like to harp on about millennials, this generation is actually approaching their forties. If you want to target teens and college-aged young adults, Gen Z should be your focus.

Gen Z is different than any preceding generation. That’s why brands have to rework their approach if they want a chance at earning Gen Z’s business. Follow these three tips to better market to Gen Z shoppers:

1. Reassure them.

Gen Z is growing up during a time of turmoil. They’re living in the shadow of the pandemic, when systems are breaking down. They aren’t sure who to trust, which means brands have to work even harder to earn Gen Z’s business.

This means reassuring Gen Z shoppers with approaches like:

• Timely responses to problems or outages.

• Using plain language and getting straight to the point.

• Writing accurate marketing copy (don’t promise something if you can’t deliver!).

• Collecting reviews (with pictures or videos) from real customers.

• Encouraging user-generated content.

2. Be a responsible brand.

More than half of Gen Z consumers said knowing a brand is socially conscious influences purchase decisions. It isn’t enough for your brand to serve the general public—you need to stand for something and commit to lasting change.

You can embrace corporate responsibility through:

• Partnering with a charity.


• Offering disaster relief.

• Pro bono services.

3. Invest in short-form video content.

Nearly 80% of Gen Z reports using social media to learn about new brands. But that doesn’t mean they’re on Facebook and Instagram all day. Gen Z prefers short-form, interactive video content and gravitates to Snapchat and TikTok. So, if your brand isn’t already making short-form videos, now’s the time to start!

Read Kristen’s entire blog here.

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