Three Steps to Create a Company Give-Back Initiative

Nikki Carlson, ChicExecs Marketing Agency’s Co-Founder/Co-President, shares three ways companies can start establishing a give back culture on Forbes blog.

Companies big and small are learning to balance their earnings potential with philanthropic causes. It’s the right thing to do, of course, but supporting give-back initiatives also enhances your brand image. There’s no question that aligning your brand behind a worthy cause has benefits. So, why do some business owners put off joining the social responsibility movement Many don’t know where to start.

It can be difficult to establish and cultivate a give-back work culture within your own organization when your previous environments and professional experiences didn’t support one. Another dilemma business owners run into is indecision in choosing one cause. There are so many worthy causes out there, and it can be difficult to pick one to focus on and then figure out how to tie it into your business strategy.

When creating your company’s give-back initiative, start by answering the following questions: What does this cause mean to me? What does it mean to my business and employees? What does it mean to my customers?

3 Steps to Follow to Create Your Give-Back Initiative

1. Choose a cause that has personal meaning or ties back to your own community. The most important part of choosing a philanthropic or nonprofit organization is being able to relate to it.  It might sound like common sense, but if it’s a cause you don’t believe in or cannot passionately get behind, how can the rest of your company and your customers do the same?

2. Ensure the cause aligns with your company values. Once you choose your cause, the next task is to become “motivator-in-chief” as you get your office on board with the charitable initiative. Think about how the cause ties in to your own company values because your next challenge is to implement a give-back culture within your employees’ day-to-day duties.

3. Find ways to get customers and clients involved. If your brand rallies behind a specific cause, your customers are invited to do the same. Donating a portion of product proceeds and “buy one, give one” campaigns are common, but there are ways beyond spending power to get customers involved.

Read Nikki Carlson’s full blog to put your plan in motion and follow 3 steps to create your company’s give-back initiative.


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