theshops.tv featured on KUTV 2News San Diego


Congratulations to our Client theshops.tv for their feature on KUTV 2News San Diego.

The era of streaming is here to stay, as consumers expect to be able to watch what they want when they want it, and continue to say goodbye to cable and satellite in favor of sites like Netflix and Hulu. Commerce is poised for a similar makeover, and theshops.tv is leading the way.

Launched by a group of seasoned executives from Silicon Valley, and large TV shopping channels as well as major eCommerce companies, this innovative company revolutionizes the online marketplace by providing streaming, on-demand video shopping. Video shopping allows consumers to really see and understand a product in depth, while getting insight and entertainment from hosts, expert guests and celebrities.

From when to watch to what to see, theshops.tv also provides consumers with the ability to browse and buy anywhere (anytime) using any device with an Internet or mobile connection.

Each carefully curated item is brought to life via an entertaining and informative video, showcasing and demonstrating the benefits of the product. Celebrity guests, engaging hosts, and subject matter experts create experiences that are like shopping with friends rather than just surfing the Internet. Check them out at theshops.tv!


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