The PinBox 3000 is a Do-it-Yourself Game System

You won’t need any tokens, but you might want a glue gun after you build the PinBox 3000 cardboard tabletop pinball machine kit from Cardboard Teck Instantute. Two puppeteers from Vermont are bringing kinetic pinball fun to classrooms and living rooms around the world. No tools are required for the slot-and-tab assembly, which should take an hour of effort. After that, the sky’s the limit for your custom design. PinBox 3000 features interchangeable play boards that allow the user to switch the “cartridges”. When two kits are joined back-to-back, Battlemode ensues. This allows players to pass the marbles between the games in a gravitational frenzy. The launcher and the flippers are powered by rubber bands, so no batteries or screens needed. Of course, unless adding electronics is what you do. Kids, parents, educators, makers and gamers agree that this little mechanical wonder could tilt the future of games, with pop-up “ArtCades” and the next generation of pinball wizards.

website: www.pinbox3000.com

price: $49.95

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