Tale of the Tooth Fairy featured on Nashville Paren’t

taleofthetoothfairyCongratulations to our Client, MK&Company, for their feature on Nashville Paren’t.

MK&Company brings the tooth fairy to life in their enchanting story, The Tale of the Tooth Fairy. Losing their baby teeth is a child’s first step toward growing up and a can be a scary rite of passage. Luckily, with the help of the Tooth Fairy’s special book and huggable fairy doll, kids (and parents) everywhere can get excited about this special stage!!taleofthetoothfairyset

In this stunningly colored hardbound storybook, children will be swept away as they hear about a budding fairy trying to find her place in the world as the first ever Tooth Fairy.

In addition to the picture book, each set comes with a boy or girl plush tooth fairy of its very own! The fairy’s satchel plays a very special role as children are encouraged to place their lost teeth in the bag so they can delight in a special surprise in the morning.

What makes the book truly special is parents can keep record of each tooth loss in the back of the book, making it easy to reminisce with the child as they grow.

Check them out at TaleofTheToothFairy.com!

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