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stamba2Congratulations to our Client STAMBA for their feature on Examiner.com.

As science advances, it is validating that nature is, and always has been, the true source of our nutritional well-being. People are growing ever more conscious of the fact that we live in a world rich in plants that have so much to offer our bodies… with no added “man made” chemicals. Some of these have even earned the title of “Superfoods” because of their concentrated nutritional benefits.stamba-bottle

Within every bottle of STAMBA are theses superfoods, the riches of the plant kingdom.  STAMBA Daily Superfood Blend are vegetarian capsules that are easily digested, taste great and provide comprehensive nourishment while being easy to integrate into a traveller’s adapting lifestyle.

STAMBA’s certified organic ingredients include rainforest berries and fruits, freshwater greens, Cacao, medicinal mushrooms, adaptogenic roots, and therapeutic spices. Some of these detoxify, others strengthen the immune system, and still others build us up and balance us in areas where our body is depleted. Together, they offer some of nature’s richest sources of Omega 3’s, phytonutrients, antioxidants and beta glucans, providing holistic support for greater wellness, vitality and stamina.

Check them out at StambaSuperfoods.com!

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