STAMBA Daily Superfood Blend – Stamina. By Nature.

STAMBA is guided by the following principles:
1. We are one with the vibrant earth.
2. Quality is everything.
3. Nourishment creates wellness.
As such, philanthropy, sustainability, and environmental stewardship are an intrinsic part of everything we do.
Within every bottle of STAMBA are the riches of the plant kingdom: potent superfoods that have been utilized for generations by cultures worldwide for their healing, vitalizing and rejuvenating qualities. Crafted to maximize benefits, STAMBA provides raw, organic nutrient density and complexity to support your body’s innate capacity to thrive.
Resilience – Fresh water greens, plant source enzymes and medicinal mushrooms bolster immune strength and internal defense factors.
Rejuvenation – Cacao, and salutary fruits and spices support cell vitality, mental acuity and reduced inflammation.
Recovery – Adaptogenic roots and rainforest berries help sustain vital energy when facing stress as well as replenish after physical exertion.

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price: Price: $59.00


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