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With all the glamour surrounding social media, it’s easy to get carried away. You might think that you need to be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest — creating unique content for each platform. While that may be feasible to some businesses, it’s not applicable for everyone.

Before you start spending your money on social media marketing services and posting content in several places across the web, you should create an overall strategy that outlines your goals and how you will achieve them.

At ChicExecs, social media marketing services are part of our various provisions to businesses, whether a startup, medium, or large enterprise. Before you jumpstart using social media advertising services on social platforms, you need to consider several things to make your campaigns a success.

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What’s Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is a part of digital marketing involving creating and posting content on social media platforms to promote a product or service. It’s also a form of web marketing, such as email marketing, that involves sharing content on social media platforms to acquire customers and encourage existing ones to purchase products or services.

Social media marketers not only need to be concerned with using social media and blogging to promote their companies and products. They also need to understand and adhere to a social media marketing strategy, which sets the framework for how they’ll be promoting their content and services.

The Core Benefits of Social Media Marketing

When we say social media presence, we do not only mean creating social media profiles and posting content about your products. It requires your posts to be audience-targeted, engaging, and initiate a call to action.

Every business owner launches a social media campaign intending to achieve three main things; attract an audience, engage the audience, and grow the audience.

Attracting new audience

Effective social media marketing requires a lot of work, and one of the most important things a company can do is know who its customers are. If a business doesn’t know who to target, it won’t effectively reach its prospects. The first step in starting a social media campaign is figuring out your target audience.

Once you know who to target, you can cast your nets into the sea to attract new audiences with the right social media campaign.

Audience engagement

After attracting new audiences to your camp, the real work of making them stay kicks off. Audience engagement ensures that they are intrigued with relevant content that touches their interests. If just getting started, you’ll need a lot of input to understand your audience and give them content that matches their interest.

Expanding your audience

Social media marketing can expand your audience if you implement the right strategies. While keeping your clients and prospects engaged, you can implement strategies to grow your community to every other social platform.

But managing your social media campaigns while running your business can be hectic. You won’t be able to keep up with both, which is why it’s prudent to let a social media marketing company handle your campaigns.

Digital marketing

What’s The Difference Between Social Media Marketing and Digital Marketing

You must have heard some people talk about digital marketing when they mean social media marketing. Is there a difference between the two, and which one best suits your business? Let’s briefly look at the difference between the two and see how you can benefit the most from these marketing strategies.

Digital marketing refers to every marketing campaign done offline or online to promote services and products to increase profit. It encompasses various strategies such as search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, email marketing, social media marketing, SMS Marketing, and eCommerce optimization.

As you must have noticed above, social media marketing is among the various digital marketing strategies. It mainly focuses on implementing the campaigns on social platforms to attract audience attention and engage prospects until they become customers.

Posting content on social platforms is not the business owner’s only tool for social media marketing. It also requires collaborating with influencers, posting unique content, and regularly engaging users to convince them to make a purchase decision.

Achieve Refined Success with ChicExecs Social Media Marketing Services

Social media marketing service is the perfect way to increase brand visibility and connect with your customers. These days, plenty of online agencies can help spread the word and build engagement for your company.

We combine our best practices with modern strategies to equip you with the best social media campaign services for refined success. We’ll work to turn your company into a household name by offering new account setups, posting services, and review generation.

We’ve been doing social media marketing for a long time while testing various channels and methods to understand what yields results and what doesn’t. By following our user-targeted campaigns, intelligent content, and dedicated management, we will boost your audience’s confidence in your brand across every platform that matters to you.

ChicExecs Social Media Marketing Services

Why Choose ChicExecs for Social Media Marketing Services?

As a social media marketing agency, ChicExecs offers a range of social media marketing services to help you grow your online presence. Our team of influencers and social media experts will provide you with a customized, cohesive social media strategy that will take your business to the next level.

Save time and money

With ChicExecs, you don’t need to worry about implementing the right strategies and techniques for social media marketing because we’ve done all the hard work for you! All we require is your permission, and we’ll make sure everything is taken care of to make your campaign a success.

With the right team behind you, every investment made in terms of money and time will be worthwhile. We’ll help you overcome the dilemma between pleasing the social media algorithms and your audience to strike a balance that produces magnificent results.

Tailor-made content

When creating content, your focus shouldn’t be generic with no appeal. Our social media experts can make unique content that best describes your brand and help your audience connect with your business.

Uniqueness goes a long way in differentiating your brand name from the rest of your competitors. That’s how top brands build an approach that brings them success in all their digital marketing campaigns.

Accurate up to date reporting

How do you know the strategy being implemented is the right one? You can differentiate between ineffective social media marketing methods and result-driven ones through reports. At ChicExecs, we utilize the most advanced reporting tools such as Google Analytics to provide you with real-time status updates when you need them.

By tracking the performance of the implemented strategies, we can advise our customers on what their campaigns lack to attain a desired level of success.

Advanced strategy that works

We know how hard it is to attract users’ attention on social media, but our team of specialists understands how to do it better than anyone else. We’ll create a tailored strategy for your company based on the type of business you’re in and offer you various social media marketing methods to suit your needs.

Broad social media platform coverage

With social media marketing, you need a platform-specific strategy. The strategies that work well on Facebook might not do the same on Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn. ChicExecs prides itself on experienced social media strategists with experience on all platforms, including Pinterest, YouTube, Snapchat, etc.

What Your Business Will Gain from ChicExecs Social Media Marketing Services

Having worked with startups, medium, and well-established enterprises, we’ve refined our social media marketing services to produce results for all our clients. We’ve developed the right marketing plans and monitoring systems for all levels and categories of customers.

Your business can realize the following benefits by working with ChicExecs social media marketing agency.

We have social media marketing service packages tailored to your business needs and budget. That means you’ll have total control over your social media marketing strategy, budget, and branding. Our experts will assist you in creating and maintaining a brand image that attracts the target audience while ensuring your social media marketing strategy is always on point.

With social media integration into search engine results, businesses need to create content with a social media touch. It is not enough to make content and post it on social platforms in this day and age. It needs to be substantive and engaging. The more users share your content on social media, the better your search rankings.

ChicExecs create content that pleases your audience, social media, and search engine algorithms to improve its SEO rankings.

Social media is an influential tool that you can use to increase your brand outreach and exposure. But your campaigns need to be handled by experienced experts who know how to make every effort count.

ChicExecs can help your business increase prospects’ interests on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. We achieve this by generating more social engagements and signals like shares, likes, and comments to increase interaction with your brand.

Your social media content will be engaging and valuable if directed towards the right audience. Achieving conversions will be challenging without proper audience targeting. But with our expert social media strategists by your side, we can help you identify and group your prospects according to location, age, online activities, followers, etc.

We’ll analyze your audience to understand their behavior and create content that caters to their needs.

By leveraging our social media marketing services, your business will start to realize increased conversions. We’ll make sure every post, video, image, or comment plays a part in generating quality traffic to your website.

Our campaign strategy will allow you to provide a positive impression via the humanization factor. We’ll personify your brand by posting statuses, sharing content, and generating comments on social media. Since people like to trade with other people, your business image will be humanized hence appear as a preference among social media users.

While working with ChicExecs social media marketing experts, you’ll have numerous platforms to showcase your brand effectively. Apart from platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube, we’ll make it possible to reach out to many other clients on WhatsApp, WeChat, Messenger, Pinterest, and Snapchat.

Our marketing team experts conduct business reviews, competitor benchmarking, and audience analysis to find an ideal platform and methods that suit your business best.

Our social media marketing services present a cost-effective method of reaching ideal clients without breaking the bank. We have strategies on various social platforms that allow you to market your services and products at reduced costs.

Additionally, you can reach many prospects from various locations without putting in extra work or spending more. That way, it becomes easier to realize returns on investment with the least input possible.

On Which Social Platforms Can You Market with ChicExecs?

While seeking social media marketing services from a digital marketing company, it’s easy to get carried away by the many platforms a company offers services. What’s vital for you is directing your efforts to where you know the targeted audience are many and active.

You don’t have to put your campaign on every platform, but you can choose a few and focus on them to realize manageable results. At ChicExecs, we offer social media marketing services on several platforms to ensure that most of our customers are covered. These include the following:


Facebook is one of the biggest social media advertising platforms as it has the largest number of active users per month. With more than 2.9 billion active monthly users, you can reach out to many prospects and turn them into clients with the right targeted marketing.

Our experts can craft intelligent ads, interactive content, and boosted posts to connect with many audiences easily. Regardless of your business niche, you can use Facebook to get your brand closer to niche-specific users with the right social media marketing company by your side.


Video advertising is on the rise, and every business that wants a shot at winning more customers and increasing revenue cannot overlook YouTube. Being the second largest after Google, this search engine presents a set of powerful tools that your business can leverage for a wider audience reach.

Working with our YouTube marketing experts, your business can grab the readily available opportunity of gaining better exposure through short, engaging video ads. These ads can either be at the start of a video, in between, or at the end. We’ll establish the best points to place them to attract viewers’ attention and increase brand awareness.


If you run a service-based company with lots of customer support requests, Twitter is the best social media platform for social media advertising. It offers a fast-paced atmosphere that makes it easier to quickly get your brand’s image to a broad audience coverage.

Let our ChicExecs experts design the best strategy to campaign on Twitter and reach your audience quickly using fewer words.


What Instagram can offer in terms of interactive features has created a perfect storm in social media marketing. Thus, it’s no wonder that more businesses are turning to Instagram as their primary social media marketing channel.

By using our Instagram marketing strategies, we’ll help you create engaging awe-inspiring videos, photos, and reels. We work alongside influencers to ensure your brand gets the right audience in the shortest time possible.


Want to grow your audience? Pinterest may be the perfect platform for you. It’s all about discovery, so it’s an ideal tool for businesses looking to connect with an audience who are enthusiastic about your brand and interested in what you have to offer. You can hone in on these potential customers through eye-catching pins and intriguing ads.


Snapchat ads and Geofilters offer an unconventional style to interact with your audience. Our marketing specialists will work with you to develop effective campaigns that connect you to your audience and give results in the shortest time frame.


LinkedIn marketing is a new way to market on social media because it’s an exclusive network for professionals so that brands can talk to them in a more personal way. If you are looking for B2B clients, this platform is the best one for social media advertising.

By 2020 there were nearly 700 million users of LinkedIn worldwide, which means that they have the potential to reach those who other online marketing strategies may not. Our experienced social media marketing experts know how to create campaigns to reach B2B businesses and professionals on this platform.

How Our Social Media Marketing Services Work

How Our Social Media Marketing Services Work

As an award-winning digital marketing company, working with ChicExecs offers more to your business than you can imagine. With a high client satisfaction rate of 90%, you can entrust your social media marketing campaigns to us.

At ChicExecs, our social media marketing services are divided into four steps. These include:

After we onboard you, our first step involves connecting you to a dedicated account manager who’ll take care of all your social media campaign aspects. They’ll be handling everything on your account, from content posts, image designs to engagement.

And don’t assume that the manager works alone, no, not at all. Every manager has a team of specialists to help them handle your account. With their team, they’ll research the online reputation of your firm, competitors, and past performances to determine the best way to initiate your campaign.

With a customized approach, our managers have been able to help businesses generate a collective revenue amount of over $2 billion in the last seven years.

Before deciding which strategy best suits your business, our team will analyze your current campaign in-depth. The analysis looks at what you’ve been doing, competitors’ activities, and changes needed to succeed.

After the analysis, we’ll compile a comprehensive report and share it with you, highlighting bottlenecks and positive implementations. The information is crucial in helping the social media account manager and your business establish the proper foundation for a successful strategy.

At ChicExecs, we believe in creating tailor-made social media marketing services. That’s why after we come up with a strategy proposal, we’ll engage you for feedback to make a final campaign that addresses your concerns. The strategy incorporates short- and long-term strategies that align with your business’s ambitions and goals.

Since we’ve created successful strategies over the years for business niches similar to yours, we know what works and what doesn’t. We’ll develop an industry-specific campaign based on data collected and perfected over a long time.

After you’re satisfied with our developed campaign, your dedicated social media marketing campaign manager begins their work. The campaign will consist of monthly deliverables as required. The manager will create social media content posts, videos, photos, ads, et cetera.

After the campaign kicks off, it should take a few months, and you’ll notice improved results every day. You’ll see improved engagements through comments, likes, shares, and increased traffic. These are the tangible results your business needs to start realizing high conversions.

Our Social Media Marketing Service Guarantee

At ChicExecs, what makes our social media marketing services unique is that we have standards that must always be met no matter what. You’ll be assured of the following when you choose us as your social media marketing company:

You keep the content rights

Even though our team generates the social media content for your account, you’re the copyright owner of everything created. That protects the originality of your posts and social media content. Also, we will never use them on any other customer’s social media campaigns, even if they run a similar business as yours.

Support team

At ChicExecs, we value your marketing campaign’s success. That’s why we keep an active support team consisting of analysts, professional content writers, copywriters, and social media account managers ready to assist you.

Daily monitoring and monthly reporting

With a dedicated social media marketing manager, rest assured that your campaigns will be monitored daily. We will monitor your accounts, performance, and interactions produced to keep you up to date with every happening.

Every month, your dedicated manager will produce a comprehensive report about the performance of your account. They will review it with you and highlight areas that need improvement. Every report will be fully transparent and reflect the actual performance of your account.

Authentic social media content

Originality matters a lot when doing digital marketing in general, not just in social media campaigns. At ChicExecs, we pride ourselves on highly qualified and experienced social media content creators who know how to add a touch to every post.

Rest assured that every content generated is specially created for your business, and you won’t find it anywhere else. That’s what defines our social media marketing campaigns and sets us apart.

Open a New Chapter of Social Media Success with ChicExecs

At ChicExecs, we’re about helping businesses realize returns on investment at every level of their social media marketing campaign. Over years, we’ve worked with startups and medium and multinational enterprises over the years to understand what’s best for your business.

We’ve refined our provisions to suit every business through our relentless efforts in improving our social media marketing services. If you’re tired of being left behind while your competitors realize massive ROI, get in touch with us today! Let our experts boost your integrity and visibility.

Open a New Chapter of Social Media Success

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