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Despite the rise of online chat platforms, we cannot dismiss the efficacy of short message service (SMS) entirely. SMS is the most popular form of text messaging. It has been around for decades, and it is still going strong. It is an affordable way to reach your audience.

The SMS marketing campaign is beneficial for several reasons: low cost, easy setup, and high effectiveness. The popularity of SMS marketing campaigns has increased over the years because it is a simple way to engage with customers personally. At ChicExecs, we have the expertise and knowledge to target and reach audiences through SMS effectively.

Our SMS marketing agency plays a unique role in building a long-lasting customer connection in your SMS marketing. Conventional marketing techniques are vital, but marketing strategies have to change to cope with the current communication dynamics. Texting is essential to your marketing plans and can help you realize your company’s success.

SMS Marketing
What is SMS Marketing

What is SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing involves sending transactional or promotional messages via text (SMS) for marketing motives. These messages are supposed to communicate news updates, time-sensitive offers, and alerts to audiences who subscribe to your business’s message service. The audiences can show their interest in receiving messages from you either by directly communicating to your SMS marketing agency or checking a box on an online form.

Nowadays, most successful businesses utilize SMS marketing services to create and maintain better customer relationships. Often, SMS marketing plays a significant role in a larger and more developed marketing campaign than just a single text.

SMS marketing services do not necessarily need the sender to use a phone. The marketing team uses bulk SMS text messaging software on a computer to send these messages. Bulk SMS marketing software is an effective and personalized way to reach your audience without typing the texts. The latest marketing technique has already proven its value to the marketing landscape.

How does SMS marketing work?

Your audience will need to opt in to receive text message marketing offers. They can do this at your brick-and-mortar business, over the phone, or on your website. They can also permit to be added to your SMS marketing campaign by sending a keyword to your phone number or shortcode.

To build a profitable and solid relationship with your clients, you need consistency. Drip marketing campaigns enable you to send out scheduled messages to your contact list automatically. It helps to keep your business foremost in your customer’s thoughts.

To make your SMS marketing campaign successful, you’ll need to create and manage a database that contains your clients’ contact information.

Have you ever seen ads asking you to send a keyword to a given number in exchange for a Service, product, or a treat? You might have also come across online pop-ups asking you to sign up. It is one of the ways that a business can build a database of potential clients for their drip marketing campaigns.

How does SMS marketing work

Advance Your Brand’s Popularity With SMS Marketing

With ChicExecs as your SMS marketing service provider, you can exploit this new marketing channel that many businesses have not taken advantage of fully. As a business person, you have at some point pondered how best to market your products and services while driving your potential customers down the sales funnel. Our SMS marketing agency might be the ultimate solution to your worries.

Why is SMS marketing effective

Why is SMS marketing effective?

Perhaps your customers often receive a lot of emails. They might not recall the email you sent them a couple of days ago about the freebies you’re giving away today. SMS marketing will remind them of such vital emails and prompt them to act. The brevity of your SMS promotional material means your clients will instantly get your message and act.

In a scenario where you have a highly engaged customer base, you’ll find it stressful to give feedback to every SMS you receive. Most clients treasure prompt replies; as a busy business owner, you may not have sufficient time to reply to everyone. SMS automation might be an efficient option for you. ChicExecs will help you grow and convert new traffic into long-term buyers through creatively drafted SMS messages.

Where Can You Use SMS Marketing Service?

If you have not incorporated SMS marketing service into your marketing campaign, you’re missing out. There is more to be achieved from a robust SMS marketing campaign. Here are various ways through which different industries make use of SMS marketing services:

  • Retail: Retailers use SMS to send special deals, discounts, and loyalty rewards to customers.
  • Travel: SMS marketing enables travel agencies to update or confirm flight schedules and send QR codes, special perks, flight schedule reminders, and details on the nearby car rentals.
  • Beauty: Salon owners send appointment reminders and eliminate no-shows via SMS marketing.
  • Hospitality: SMS helps business owners in hospitality to use location-based marketing to send their customers last-minute restaurant and hotel discounts and other special offers.
  • Real Estate: Real estate agents send leads invitations to open house events and book a viewing appointment.
  • Healthcare: Healthcare providers use text messages to send new research results and health tips.
Where Can You Use SMS Marketing Service
Where Can You Use SMS Marketing Service

These are a few ways SMS marketing services can be utilized to promote a business. The extent of use is almost limitless. Talk to the dedicated expert of our SMS marketing agency today to determine if your business can utilize SMS marketing services.

Generally, SMS marketing can do numerous tasks in different industries. For instance, text messages can be used to:

  • Keep your clients updated on new products, services, or locations.
  • Find out from your new clients about their interests or goals.
  • Send your clients friendly holiday greetings or birthday reminders to keep the relationship intact.
  • Seek and gather customer feedback.
  • Schedule time to talk to your donors or clients or donors in person.

Having SMS marketing knowledge helps you to appreciate the impact of texting on modern businesses and how best to utilize SMS marketing strategies to increase your revenue. At ChicExecs, our team will help you realize the benefits of SMS marketing and how to incorporate it into your business success.

How can Your Business Gain from SMS Marketing Services?

According to research, around 5 billion people worldwide use SMS services. It does not necessarily guarantee marketing success but provides a broad market to tap.

Still not convinced how SMS marketing service can propel your marketing campaign and business in general? Check out these perks that this marketing strategy can bring to your business.

SMS marketing campaigns generate successful ROI when incorporated with other marketing channels such as email marketing services and social media marketing services.

SMS generates a high open rate within a few minutes after delivery, making it a feasible marketing channel. It’s essential for time-sensitive messages because your target audiences will likely read them instantly.

A well-structured bulk SMS marketing strategy will likely drive brand loyalty and customer engagement. Most customers avoid irrelevant and generic content; therefore, it’ll be essential to personalize your messages about promotions and special deals.

Our SMS marketing team experts can help you craft relevant messages to make clients stick to your brand.

Clients prefer exclusive treatments, and a well-drafted text can make them feel great. When customers are not contented with the level of attention and support the business provides, that company may experience a drop in customer value.

You can keep your clients reminded about your brand with specially crafted messages, so they don’t turn to your competitors.

It is a critical practice that helps you improve and deliver unique text message marketing campaigns. Assessing the success of your bulk SMS marketing is easy because your SMS clients have only two alternatives: to click on the links given or to ignore them. If most of them are not clicking your suggested links, there’s a clear need to revise your strategy.

Study shows that 45 percent of customers reply to branded SMS blasts. For a startup business looking to boost brand awareness, you can get the attention of your target audience by inaugurating the best text message marketing strategies.

Research has proven that 31 percent of clients participate in an SMS survey. It makes it an effective channel for your online brand reputation. The replies you get from your recipients are a great source of valuable insights into your brand’s performance.

SMS marketing can help you increase your social media followers and boost your online reviews. A well-crafted SMS can compel your audiences to follow your social media pages or submit their reviews.

How can Your Business Gain from SMS Marketing Services

Drive Business Traffic with SMS Marketing Services That Make Conversions

A well-structured and perfectly executed SMS marketing strategy can drive your brand closer to your clients and prospects. Besides boosting your products and services, it enhances customer engagement and inspires brand loyalty.

No Hidden Costs

ChicExecs believes in offering trustworthy services. Our SMS marketing services have no hidden charges, and you have the freedom to upgrade, downgrade, or opt out at any time.

Powerful SMS Marketing Platform

Our SMS marketing tool is cutting-edge software with many features to succeed in your SMS campaign. It’s user-friendly, full of features, and compatible with all devices.

Excellent Customer Service and Satisfaction

Getting started with our SMS marketing services is simple, and we have excellent customer service to help you start today. We’ll provide customized customer service and ensure you’re satisfied with what you get out of our services.

ChicExecs is a top-notch digital marketing company that offers SMS marketing services to engage your audience in the entire customer journey. Our experts can supplement your current digital campaign strategies with SMS marketing to boost brand awareness.
Contact our SMS marketing company today. Let’s design the right SMS marketing services to attain your business goals.

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