Six Questions To Ask Potential PR Agencies

ChicExecs VP of Public Relations and Digital Marketing, Kristen Wessel, shares the six questions to ask potential PR agencies on Forbes blog. Here’s a highlight.

Hiring a PR agency is a big deal. You’re probably going to work with this agency for at least six months, and you certainly don’t want to trust your reputation to just anybody.

Make sure you ask a prospective PR agency these six questions before signing a contract.

What’s Your Specialty?

Every PR agency has a specialty. Some agencies are more talented at digital PR, while others specialize in crisis communications. Instead of opting for an agency that offers a little bit of everything, I recommend going with an agency that does exactly what you’re looking for. This way, you know you’re working with a team of experts who will actually get results.

What Do I Get For My Budget? 

You probably have a tentative budget right now. While you might need to adjust your budget for the right agency, it’s important to understand how much you get for the money with each agency.

Who Will I Work With?

Since you’ll work with your PR team on a daily basis, it’s important to connect with your potential team before you sign a contract. This ensures you know which people will be on your account, what their roles are and how to contact them.

Based On What You Know About My Company, What Approach Would You Take?

You aren’t asking the agency to create a fully-formed PR strategy here. The goal is to get a high-level view of their thought process and vision for your business. If you don’t agree with their vision, move on to the next agency on your list.

How Do You Charge?

Every PR agency is different, so make sure you understand their pricing model before you commit to an agency. Some PR agencies charge on an hourly basis, which means your costs will change from month to month. Other agencies charge a flat retainer fee every month, so you pay the same amount no matter what.

Can You Show Me Your Past Work?

Any PR agency worth its salt can share case studies and testimonials with you. This should show you not only that it has a proven track record but also that it can get results for your business. Look for case studies that feature solid data and specific examples to see how an agency works.

Read Kristen’s full Forbes article here.

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