Should You Seek Out Online Press Or Print Placements?

ChicExecs VP of Public Relations and Digital Marketing, Kristen Wessel, advises if you should seek out online press or print placement on Forbes blog. Here’s a highlight.

Let’s look at why brands can still get decent traction from print features and the benefits of online-first PR.

Making Print Features Work For Your Business

Depending on your goals, I’ve found that print media does have some advantages over digital features, such as:

• Content quality: Trust is hard to come by these days. In a world where anyone can start a blog and say anything they want, the stringent requirements of print publications can be a breath of fresh air. Readers want trustworthy content.

• Mindshare: When people are on the internet, they’re often distracted. They aren’t likely to sit down and read an entire article thoroughly. But I tend to remember more of the print content I read, which could have a bigger impact on mindshare for your brand.

• Physical presence: Some people like the sensation of reading something physical.

The Benefits Of Online Press

Now that some media outlets are transitioning their content to digital-only, online press can be a good choice for several reasons.

1. Reach And Engagement

If you want to reach a wider audience, you should shoot for digital PR. Plus, it’s much easier for readers to share and engage with digital content than a static news article in print.

2. Web Traffic

Do you want to send more traffic to your website? The right digital feature will include a link back to your website, which means people can learn more about your products with just a tap.

3. Competitive Edge

Digital features can increase your web traffic, but they can also boost your SEO in the process.

4. Multimedia

You can add a few photos to a print feature, but you can’t attach videos or podcast recordings. Digital features allow you to use multimedia content.

5. Better Targeting And Metrics

Print outlets try to calculate their total readership, but these numbers may be guesstimations. Digital outlets, on the other hand, can generally give you much more specific information about their demographics, views and more.

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