Save cash and stay blonde longer with Rootflage!

How many blondes does it take to camouflage your roots? One, with Rootflage! Whether you’re on a budget or just strapped for time, sometimes making it to the salon can feel next to impossible. Eliminate telltale signs of unwanted root regrowth with Rootflage, the answer to your war on roots!

Rootflage has created a foolproof way for blondes to temporarily camouflage their roots so the whole world doesn’t have to know about their secret hair dilemma! Rootflage provides effortless and immediate blonde color, buying you time to get through another day without a professional dye job.

Rootflage is made of natural ingredients, and goes on in less than a minute and will last the whole day or until you wash your hair. It covers both dark and grey hair like magic. You will be so amazed by the results it will change your daily hair routine forever.

Go ahead, stash some cash and push back your next hair appointment by another week because now you can Rootflage your hair to looking fabulous!

website: www.rootflage.com/

price: $24.99

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