Ruggable, CardNinja, Blingsting, FUNKtional Wearables, Journal 10 and H.O.P.E in a Box featured on San Diego 6 News


Congratulations to our Clients Ruggable, CardNinja, Blingsting, FUNKtional Wearables, Journal 10 and H.O.P.E in a Box for their feature on San Diego 6 News!

Food and drink spills will happen, but who wants to replace the rug? Ruggable features a 2-Piece Rug System with built-in rubber backings for grip and interchangeable covers. The custom rug pad creates a solid base for any of its covers, so rugs can easily be cleaned in a washing machine again and again! Check them out at ruggable.com!

Never forget your student ID again! Students with their hands will be full of books and papers as they rush off to class can take some of that weight off with the CardNinja. With its ultra-slim design and can hold cash and up to eight cards in one compact, convenient spot†on the back of your smartphone. Check them out at cardninja.com!

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be extra safe, both on and off campus. A personal alarm is a great way to gain attention and help should you need it. The aah!-larm from Blingsting can clip to your purse or keychain and releases an instant 120 decibel alarm when pulled. Check them out at blingsting.com!

Beautifully conceal your Fitness Activity Tracker with FUNKtional Wearables. Their accessories and jewelry for Fitbit and Jawbone help you stay fashionable for class, while also staying fit and healthy. Check them out at funktionalwearables.com!

Keep track of college memories with Journal 10, the Ten Year Journal. Just scribble down a few sentences each day and, before you know it, you have a decade of memories and observations at your fingertips! This convenient personal volume also offers sections for long-range planning, monthly overviews, addresses and phone numbers, and special dates. Bound in a bonded genuine leather cover, this unique diary will quickly become a treasured possession. Check them out at journal10.com!

Have a daily reminder to H.O.P.E. (Hang On Pray Everyday) every time you take a note, pack your sling backpack for class, look up an assignment on your iPad,  or fill up your coffee tumbler with the inspirational message from H.O.P.E In A Box. Find out more at hopeinabox.com!

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