ro ¢sham ¢bo featured on Girls’ World


Congratulations to our Client ro ¢sham ¢bo for their feature on Girls’ World!

Designed specifically for babies and childrens use, abuse and love of putting things in their mouths, ro ¢sham ¢bo shades are so durable that they can be bent, stretched, pulled, stepped on (they have even been run over and survived!) and bounce right back to shape; even a thirty year old man can’t break them! ro ¢sham ¢bo shades come in baby, junior and adult sizes.

Even celebrities like Jamie King, Reese Witherspoon, Tiffany Hornton, and Courtney Lopez (aka Mrs. AC Slater ) are fans of these high quality sunglasses for little people! ‹ ro ¢sham ¢bo shades make the perfect stocking stuffer, gift for a new mom, or holiday gift guide item, and a percentage of proceeds go to autism research! In fact, the name ro ¢sham ¢bo  is a reference to rock, paper, scissors,  a game many special educators like to play with kids that need some extra quiet attention without disrupting a classroom.

Check them out at roshambobaby.com!

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