RoloDoc on Shark Tank: Social Media Marketing Companies: Entrepreneurs Examples

Did you see the recent Shark Tank episode featuring RoloDoc? The company’s stated goal was to innovate communication and bring social media to the medical field. The sharks felt their idea was based on one to one communication versus social media and were concerned about security issues, therefore the company didn’t make a deal with the sharks.

The KEY point here, is the emphasis on the importance of social media in the current age. Do you have a product or service? If so, our guess is that you are already working close to 20 hours per day to keep up with all the demands that tend to fall on entrepreneurs. (Fortunately the hourly demands are taxing but it’s worth the effort because most likely you are passionate about what you do!)

But we must ask, are you keeping up with your company Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blog….etc? This is where the highest level of interaction takes place with your consumers and target market, leading to increased branding and sales. While managing the books, inventory levels, distribution, marketing campaigns and more often take the front seat… it’s important that you don’t neglect your social media.

ChicExecs PR, developed by entrepreneurs who also launched a now successful brand, has recently released a Social Media initiative. We can post daily for you on your social networks. Would you like us to manage one or all of your social media outlets?

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