RejuvaHealth featured in Beautiful Bride

fabfindsCongratulations to our Client RejuvaHealth for their feature in Beautiful Bride Magazine.

beautifulbrideCompression stockings are elastic garments worn on the legs to help mediate a variety of symptoms.

Unlike traditional socks or hosiery, these stockings are specifically designed to offer medical support via integrally-knit graduated compression.

Their line of FDA-listed Class 1 Support Stockings are offered in knee high, thigh high, pantyhose, and legging styles as well as two different compression levels.

In addition to providing relief from symptoms such as swelling, discomfort, heaviness, and fatigue, compression legwear can also be enjoyed for slimming and shaping benefits.

The support you need on your big day.

Check them out at www.RejuvaHealth.com!

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