RedEnvelope and Shari’s Berries featured in Reader’s Digest

READERSDIGESTFEATUREFINAL Congratulations to our Clients RedEnvelope and Shari’s Berries for their feature in Reader’s Digest.

With RedEnvelope’s Personalized Where We Met Puzzle, couples have the perfect gift to rekindle the magic and tell the story of their own special journey. This 400-piece puzzle is made-to-order, featuring a one square mile aerial view of the place the happy couple met, and a special heart-shaped piece to designate the specific locale. Pop open the champagne and cozy up for the night and put together this special memory while making a new one.

Check them out at RedEnvelope.com!

Shari’s Berries is home to more than just succulent dipped strawberries; they’re the only destination where couples can find their fortunes scripted for romance and hidden inside the folds of the Romantic Fortune Cookie. Each individually wrapped fortune cookie features a light and crunchy shell that’s been dipped in decadent chocolate and topped with cute Valentine’s sprinkles.

Check them out at Berries.com!

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