How Do I Get My Product to Market: Marketing Strategies

Do you have an amazing product idea… and have taken it through concept development into a working business and now asking yourself how do I get my product to market? If so, are you wondering how you move forward and get your product to market so you can experience growth and success?

At first, you need to develop a marketing strategy, especially a retail marketing strategy. Then you need to move forward to implement the strategy.

Here are some tips for the next steps:

1. Develop a PR Campaign

After you have developed your business and product idea, it is important to get the word out. While advertising definitely helps create impressions in the minds of consumers, PR will develop credibility for your brand. If magazine editors or TV personalities are endorsing your product, your credibility will increase in the mind of consumers. This often leads to increased sales and exposure. In addition, if you have a meeting with a retail store buyer, the more press you are able to present, the more likely they will be compelled to place a PO.

2. Launch Social Media Initiatives

In this day and age, it is important to regularly update your social media accounts, interact with consumers, communicate with your target market, and develop your brand “personality.” While you have many demands on you as an entrepreneur, it’s important to keep your social media accounts updated regularly so consumers view your company as active and relevant. If you face challenges to set up a marketing strategy for your social channels you can rather outsource social media marketing services.

3. Develop PR Digital Videos

PR videos are a growing medium in the realm of marketing, especially if your video ends up going viral. Videos can be used in a myriad of ways to help expand your reach – either via visibility on your website, going viral, recogntion at tradeshows as a means to tell your story, or distribution via press releases to the media for an easy way to present more about your company.

4. Celebrity Photo Marketing

When media experts talk about your product, you receive increased branding recognition. The same is true when you have a celebrity presence as their reach is very broad to their large fan base. Positioning celebrities as fans of your product, leads to increased credibility when presenting your company to investors, buyers or media experts.

5. Channel Management & Distribution

After you receive a strong branding presence (or while you are ramping up this initiative), you will want to approach either small boutique-sized stores which helps for immediate funding and building your brand – and/or approaching mass retail stores about your product for large-scale growth (this often requires funding for cash flow issues).

ChicExecs PR firm, developed by entrepreneurs who launched a successful brand, offers opportunities in each of the 5 categories above.

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