Poppy Drops featured in Parenting Magazine.


Congratulations to our Client, Poppy Drops, for their recent  feature in Parenting Magazine!

Poppy Drops was born out of a common dilemma – when to pierce a little girl’s ears? Â We want to keep our little girls “little” as long as possible but they want nothing more than to grow up. Poppy Drops temporary tattoo earrings are the perfect solution. They provide all of the fun of earrings without the complications and responsibility of permanent piercing.

For those girls whose ears are already pierced, Poppy Drops also offers tattoo nail art. All earrings, nail art and tattoos are made from food-grade, vegetable dyes †100% safe for any age.

No Piercing, No Pain, Just FUN!

Check them out at www.PoppyDrops.com!


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