Peekaboos Ponytail Hats featured on TrendHunter

peekaboosfeatureCongratulations to our Client Peekaboos Ponytail Hats for their feature on TrendHunter!

Winter is not necessarily the best time for making the fashion or beauty statements, yet the Peekaboos ponytail hat can make some women’s live much easier. Although it looks like a typical beanie right off the bat, the ponytail hat boasts two hidden slots at the back that can accommodate both a high and low updo. These slots disappear instantly when not in use.

The Classic Cable ponytail hat offers multiple openings for ponytails, hidden inside a cable knit twist. The openings allow for wearing a high ponytail or low ponytail.  Because the openings are well hidden, Peekaboos hats also look great when wearing your hair down.

Peekaboo ponytail hats are a must-have for hassle-free Fall, Winter, and Spring days. Check them out at peekaboos-hats.com!




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