Pedi Princess and Bio Seaweed Gel featured on The NapTime Reviewer

vgiftnaptimereviewerCongratulations to our Clients Pedi Princess and Bio Seaweed Gel for their feature on The NapTime Reviewer!

pediprincessPedi Princess, the flip flop that is revolutionizing the way women receive a pedicure, is the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. Pedi Princess isn’t an ordinary flip flop†they have rhinestoned toe separators making them the perfect pedicure sandal†just polish and go!

Women no longer have to hold their breath as the nail technician removes the paper in-between their toes and slips on their standard flip-flops, hoping that the polish won’t get smudged.

Check them out at pediprincess.com!

bioseaweedgelAfter a perfect pedicure, it’s time for the perfect manicure. Bio Seaweed Gel is the only professional gel nail polish brand on the market that does not contain the “Big 5” of harmful ingredients. There is no formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, BHA or solvents in any of their formulas. This ensures that the polish does not weaken, dehydrate or cause staining of the natural nail, all side effects that are known to be serious drawbacks when considering gel nail polish.

Their UNITY All-In-One Colour Gel Polish combines base, colour, top & strengtheners all-in-one bottle. It can also be cured under the natural sunlight.

Check them out at bioseaweedgel.com!

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