November Star of the Office // Maria


NAME: ‹Maria Valencia ‹

POSITION: ‹Senior Account Coordinator ‹

What three traits define you? ‹ Determined. Independent. ‹ ‹Dependable.

What gets you out of bed in the morning? ‹ Knowing I am able to get coffee soon! ‹

Where is your favorite place to be? ‹ I love being in bed next to my fur babies – Mickey and Papy. ‹

Whats your favorite thing about working at ChicExecs? ‹ ‹I love being able to work with all my amazing co-workers who inspire me to reach my goals each day. I love collaborating with my boss lady teammates and learning new things each and everyday! Not to mention, I enjoy that not one day is ever the same at ChicExecs.

If you could choose anyone, who would you pick as your mentor? ‹ My mom ‹ has always been my mentor and role model; she has taught me to be independent and persistent, encouraging me to always pursue my goals. Shes a firm believer of You can do whatever you put your mind to!  ‹

Whats one piece of advice you would give someone just starting at ChicExecs? ‹Don’t ever be afraid to express your ideas! The working atmosphere at ChicExecs is ‹ ‹very open and collaborative. We all love to learn from one another!

Whats your go-to motto? Believe that you will succeed and you will!  – Dale Carnegie


Lastly, tell us something that might surprise us about you. 

I am a Padres Scholarship recipient, funded by the San Diego Padres team, so I had the opportunity to meet the entire Padres team!


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