Not Your Granny’s Pantyhose!

Just because a patient needs to wear a medical garment doesn’t mean they need to look the part. RejuvaHealth offers fun alternative tights that provide the same level of support and health benefits as their medical counterparts. And the best part–no one has to know they aren’t regular hosiery. RejuvaHealth tights are a stylish option for patients and a fantastic proactive tool for anyone who wants to mediate leg discomfort, relieve leg swelling, energize fatigued legs, or bring relief to a day of prolonged sitting or standing. They are among the first to offer both therapeutic levels of medical support and designer fashion patterns. Seeking to create compression hoisery that people don’t just have to wear but want to wear, each RejuvaHealth compression product is composed of glamorous construction features including everything from silicone-enhanced lace stay up bands to redesigned pantyhose tops and waistbands.

website: www.rejuvahealth.com

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