Mommy-Baby Bonding Blanket featured on KCAA Radio

mbbblanketCongratulations to our Client Mommy-Baby Bonding Blanket for their feature on KCAA Radio.

From the first time a baby cuddles against mom there is a bond of love created that will never be broken. However, as much as a parent wishes to always be nearby, life sometimes takes them far away. Luckily, with the help of the Mommy-Baby Bonding Blanket this distance can become a whole lot shorter.

Made only in the U.S.A. Each blanket is created from a soft minky fabric that soothes babies and feels wonderfully smooth and comfortable against their delicate skin.

To use, the parent should cuddle with the blanket, infusing it with their own special scent, so when their baby cuddles with it, they have something familiar and it is filled with love.

If you don’t have a baby in your life, you can donate the blanket to someone who needs it most. The Mommy-Baby Bonding Blanket has partnered with Serenity Infant Care and Los Robles Hospital and various military branches so that you can share the special love and bonding that comes from this unique gift. Love makes the world go round and can help children everywhere get off to a good start.

To learn more about the Mommy-Baby Bonding Blanket and the creators behind the blanket, you can listen to their KCAA radio feature, which begins at 13:21, here:Mommy-Baby Bonding Blanket on KCAA.

Check them out at Mommy-BabyBondingBlanket.com!

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