Mommy-Baby Bonding Blanket

Mommy-baby bonding blanket is a 16X16 washable, minky bonding blanket creative with love in the USA. Life is all about connecting or reconnecting. This concept is a tangible reminder of why we are here, our true nature, love and service.

Our bonding blanket is a special keepsake. Infuse your energy and love into the bonding blanket by cuddling up or hanging out with it before giving it to someone special. Not just for babies, this unique blanket can make a difference in MANY lives,
*Your BFF
*Foster children
*Loved one in the Military
We have a Sponsorship Program
Mommy-baby is all about connection; it is all about the love and giving back. We created this sponsorship program, so others can enjoy the gratification that we get from giving a beautiful soft, cuddly bonding blanket to call their own.
20% off…Type in code babylove

website: www.mommy-babybondingblanket.com

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