Mom Returning To Work? Here’s How To Explain Your Career To Your Kids

ChicExecs VP of Global Strategic Accounts, Lydia Vargo, shares her tips on explaining your career to your kids when moms return to work on Forbes blog. Enjoy this excerpt from the feature.

Moms currently make up a whopping one-third of all females in the workforce. With 67% of mothers of children under the age of 6 and 75% of mothers of children between the ages of 6 and 17 working, millions of women are fighting every day to strike a balance between parenting and a career.

If you find yourself in the position of returning to work after a significant amount of time off, it can be a big adjustment for everyone. Children may not understand why you have decided to spend time away from them—or how it can affect their lives for the better.

No matter your children’s ages, it always helps to explain the situation and prepare your children for the changes ahead. For any mother diving back into the workforce, having these three conversations with your kids can help ensure a smooth transition from “mom” to “working mom.”

1. The What: Explaining The Meaning Of A Career

Your children may be used to getting all of your attention throughout the day. When you return to the office they will need to understand what it means now to “steal” your attention. By giving them an age-appropriate understanding of the “What, Why & How” of this chapter in your life, you can empower them to embrace it as well.

2. The Why: Discussing The Benefits Of Having A Mom With A Career

Once your children understand the definition of a career, they still might not embrace the idea of not having 100% of your time and focus.

That is why your second step should be to explain why this benefits everyone—especially them.

3. The How: Demonstrating And Explaining The Effects On Your Daily Life

The final step in getting your kids ready for your return to the workforce is elaborating on how your career will change the day-to-day that they have experienced so far. The purpose of this is to become a united front since Mom won’t be around all the time.

Read Lydia’s entire blog here.


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