Matt Butler is an American Hero on a Roll with Rollors!

rollorsfeatureThank you First Business News for featuring our Client Rollors!

Matt Butler is the creator of Rollors, a revitalization of outdoor classics that was envisioned in between his tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. An active member of the United States Air Force, Butler saw a need not only for a fun, new outdoor game, but a way to hire veterans who are out of work.  This sparked an idea to exclusively employ retired active military members and their spouses to help develop Rollors!

Rollors has turn into an award-winning and unique game which is revolutionizing beach and backyard fun. Now, three years later he is taking it a step further by using the platform of his success to consult other veterans needing a second career on how to effectively manage their inventions. He opens the pages of his story of patenting, distributing, and selling his invention in hopes to inspire and guide other retired and active “brothers in arms” with their creations. Let’s roll!

An American Hero on a roll! Find out more at rollors.com!


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