Marla Lynne Sokoloff from The Practice is a Fan of BinkySpritz

Marla Binky SpritzMarla Lynne Sokoloff, actress, is a fan of our Client BinkySpritz! Marla is best known for her roles as Lucy Hatcher on The Practice and Gia Mahan on the ABC sitcom, Full House. She is also mom to 19-month-old daughter, Elliotte, born in February 2012.

BinkySpritz is a kid-safe spray designed to clean items your child frequently drops and handles. Convenient and easy to use, BinkySpritz is made entirely of natural and non-toxic ingredients, so you can be sure no chemicals or disinfectants are harming your child. BinkySpritz comes in a 2 oz spray bottle that can easily be carried with you anywhere you go!

Check them out at BinkySpritz.com!

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Photo Credit: Dustylu Photography

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