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At ChicExecs, we are your one-stop shop for all of your marketing and branding services. We specialize in Public Relations, Retail Strategy, and Digital Marketing and our experienced team members work together to ensure cohesive and thoughtful messaging for your brand. Let us show you the difference!

Get recognition and exposure with ChicExecs Public Relations (PR)


Securing magazine features, network TV coverage, and influential blogs takes time and persistence. It also takes a true media maven to build a successful bridge between your brand and the media. Build the “buzz”, credibility, and brand awareness that your product deserves with ChicExecs Public Relations (PR).

Our publicists get your brand the recognition and exposure it deserves with our powerful media connections. Acquiring press is not only an important investment in your business, it’s the number one way for a brand to build third-party credibility and establish proof of concept and longevity which is a game-changer to the consumer, retail buyers, and any future investor.


Visibility is everything to your brand. Having your product placed where consumers shop has just as much appeal as social media, brand awareness, and influencer campaigns. Not only does retail strategy help grow and develop your brand, but it can also evaluate which products are best-sellers.

Expanding into the mass retail market takes hustle and bustle and a whole lot of hard work. HOWEVER, it also takes a strategic partner who understands the needs of your brand and what it takes to build a successful relationship between your business, buyers, and merchandise directors.

Increase brand visibility with proper retail strategy
Proper digital marketing makes the branding process a lot easier


Let us make your brand a force to be reckoned with! Our team will become an extension of your digital marketing department, responsible for increasing brand awareness and ultimately driving sales online. We will perform industry and competitive research to build the perfect Digital Marketing strategy, take over your social media content creation, ensure your community is fully engaged, leverage a captive market with influencer marketing, and launch paid social and paid search ads to increase traffic and conversions. We will provide stunning marketing and branding services that you will get second to none.

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