MADiL featured in Girls’ Life Magazine

girlslifemadilCongratulations to our Client MADiL for their feature in Girls’ Life Magazine!

MADiL reinvented the flip flop to enable people to further express themselves. By changing band colors and adding charms to their flip flops, customers can accessorize their MADiL flip flops to match their daily activity, mood, and style.

But MADiL is about much more than flip flops or sandals as some call them. Â It’s about giving back and helping others. Â Today’s generation is eager to give back and they wanted to provide their customers with a tool that would make giving easy. MADiL has made a commitment to give back 10% of all flip flop sales to nonprofit projects.

By selecting one of the nonprofit projects from their website, customers can choose where their funds go, get updates on the progress of their projects and can invite their friends to support their causes.

A new generation of flip flops. Check them out at mymadil.com!

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