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Boost your digital presence within targeted locations with our local SEO services

People have ditched the Yellow Pages and now rely on search engines to help them connect with local businesses.

Studies suggest that around 93% of US consumers use the internet to search for local businesses. Moreover, 88% of the local mobile searches convert into a phone call or store visit within 24 hours.

If you are not working on local SEO to amp up your virtual presence within your targeted locations, you sure are missing out on a lot of valuable traffic, leads, and customers.

ChicExecs, a leading digital marketing company, is trusted by local businesses across industries in the US to organically improve their local ranking and connect with these high-intent customers.

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What is Local SEO

What is Local SEO?

46% of all searches on Google include local intent. Millions of consumers perform billions of online searches every time they search for businesses close to their location. Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of putting your business in front of such high-value customers when they perform local searches.

Like traditional Search Engine Optimization work involves boosting your search visibility on the global or national scale, local SEO focuses exclusively on your digital presence in the targeted areas. If you have a brick-and-mortar business, ChecExecs can help you leverage local SEO to provide you an edge over your competitors by organically improving your local visibility.

Why are Local Searches High Intent?

When was the last time you searched for a home services company close to your location? Most probably when you actually needed a home services company!

Local searches are critical to small businesses because they come from prospects specifically looking for local products or services.

More often than not, the customer has already decided to purchase the product/service they are searching for. All that is left is finding the nearest reputed business that can fulfill their requirement. Due to this, the conversion rate for such searches is generally higher.

Our local SEO services, combined with our years of experience, can help boost your rankings in organic local search results and map listings to ensure that your digital presence captures the most of such high intent customers.

How Does Local SEO Work?

Local SEO mostly works just like regular searches on Google. When a user enters a search query, the search algorithms scan through Google’s index to provide the best results. But when it comes to local SEO, Google uses additional factors for ranking the results.

Some of these ranking factors include-

  • Location of the user
  • Check-ins
  • Google Maps rating
  • Social media shares
  • Name, Address, Phone Number (NAP) citations
  • Google My Business (GMB) listing
  • GMB profile keywords
  • Online review sentiment

So, apart from the ranking factors that Google already considers to rank a website in search results, it emphasizes the points listed above for local SEO.

As these factors significantly impact how your small business performs in local searches, the assistance of a professional SEO company like ours is vital.

Why is Local SEO Important for Small Businesses?

Not every small business aims to compete with larger organizations. The bigger challenge for them is to compete with other smaller businesses close to their location. And given the fact that almost 90% of the consumers only want to travel up to 20 minutes for purchasing an offline product or service, it definitely makes a lot of sense to invest in local SEO services.

The internet has now become the battlefield for businesses, irrespective of their size or industry. As a small business owner, if you are not ranking high in the local results, you’ll end up losing a significant chunk of prospective customers to your competitors.

At ChicExecs, our time-proven local SEO strategies are rigorously updated in tandem with changes to the search algorithms to provide our clients the best opportunity to rank higher in local search results, stay competitive, and keep growing.

Who Should Use Local SEO?

While local SEO sounds promising, do you really need it? If you are a business owner who can relate to any of the conditions below, local search optimization services are for you-

  • You are running or working for a company that primarily relies on local customers for their sales and revenue
  • You own a company that sells to specific geographic areas
  • You are looking for more leads, traffic, or sales from particular locations
  • You are a franchisor or franchisee
  • You operate from multiple locations within a city
  • You want your business to appear on Google Maps
  • You want to claim your business listing on Google, BBB (Better Business Bureau), and other online directories

If you are owner of an eCommerce business selling products or providing service within specific are, you should use Local SEO Service for your eCommerce website.

How to Improve Local Search Rankings?

As every small business is different, there is no single local SEO strategy that could help everyone. However, there are a few common factors that deserve your attention. Take a look-

Your website is the door through which people enter your virtual property. Needless to say, it is the most vital piece of the local SEO puzzle not only for the visitors but for search engines too.

SEO starts with creating content for a website the right way., it should be unique, valuable, and optimized for local searches. You should use relevant keywords throughout your website, including the content, titles, headings, meta tags, and more, to improve the probability of ranking higher.

Even the website navigation and speed should be top-notch in order for the search engines to rank your website higher. Then there are factors such as backlinking that significantly impact your authority in the eyes of the search engine. 

Another vital aspect of digital marketing services that help businesses appear in search results for location-related searches is your Google My Business (GMB) profile. With the help of the information that can be entered into the GMB listings, Google has made it easier for small businesses to specify their attributes.

By completing your GMB profile and getting it verified, local businesses significantly enhance the probability of gaining improved visibility in local search results. The GMB profile can be optimized further to expand these benefits.

Factors like sentiments of online reviews and maps rating are also critical to your local ranking. Even engagement on social platforms is vital in local SEO. While it is not always possible for businesses to have complete control over their online reputation, there are online solutions and strategies that can help tilt things in their favor.

For instance, encouraging customers to leave a review after they make a purchase from you and replying to those reviews can present you as a courteous and responsible business. Similarly, you can regularly reply to the questions people leave on your GMB listing to help them know more about your operations.

When combined with a robust social media marketing service, these strategies can help you build a positive online presence that could encourage other customers to consider you for their next purchase.

How Can ChicExecs’ Local SEO Services Help Your Business?

As one of the most trusted digital marketing companies in the US, we’ve had the pleasure of working with hundreds of small businesses with their local SEO requirements. Our experience of working with such an extensive clientele has equipped us with insights that enable us to deliver improved results.

We customize our strategies for every local business depending on their requirements and expectations to ensure complete satisfaction. Our local SEO company also uses a wide array of cutting-edge tools and solutions for monitoring the performance of our services and providing timely updates to our clients.

As your reliable local SEO service companion, we can help you dominate local search results and provide you with a competitive edge to take your business to the next level.

With ChicExecs, you’ll be choosing a local SEO expert that-

  • Has vast industry experience of working with small businesses across industries
  • Has an energetic team of young professionals encouraged and mentored to succeed
  • Creates custom SEO strategies to fulfill the needs and expectations of every client
  • Uses time-proven optimization strategies that never fail to deliver
  • Updates the methodologies every time Google changes its search algorithms

What is ChicExecs’ Approach to Local SEO?

The best local SEO strategy for your business is one that enables you to dominate the first-page ranking. This is where customizing the strategy gets into the picture. So, while the approach is customized on a one-to-one basis, the foundation remains the same.

Here’s a quick overview of some of the things that are included in our local optimization services-

Keywords have a critical role to play in every SEO strategy. We start by creating a list of keywords related to your products or services. For instance, if it is an accounting firm, some of the keywords can be “CPA,” “accountant,” and “tax advisor.”

The keywords can be divided into two categories- Buying intent and research intent. Buying intent keywords are ones that people generally enter in Google’s search box when they need a product/service now. So, for instance, if someone searches for “tax assistance New York,” the chances are that the individual needs tax help as quickly as possible.

On the other hand, research intent keywords are keywords people use when they are only browsing through the information and probably don’t need the product/service right now. For instance, if the search query is “how can an account help,” the searcher is mostly trying to understand how an account can help them.

Compared to research intent keywords, buying intent keywords are prioritized as their chances to generate leads and conversions are higher. We use an extensive range of tools to find the best keywords for your business to help you meet the maximum number of prospects.

After finalizing the keywords, it is time for optimization. The keywords will be effectively used on your website and your GMB profile. On the website, the buying intent keywords will be mostly used on the home page and your service pages, as these are considered to be the core of any business website.

Other sections, like content pages, blogs, FAQs, etc., will be optimized with research intent keywords. The title tag, meta description, H1, and page copy are some of the places where these keywords will be used. Apart from the keywords, we will also ensure that your NAP is accurate and consistent on every website page.  

Even the GMB profile will be optimized for the selected keywords to ensure that your business shows up in Google Maps. Verification, NAP, business categories, description, images, and hours will also be updated in the GMB profile to help Google and users know more about your business.

One of the most effective ways to attract the target audience is consistently publishing useful local SEO-optimized content. Our SEO team comprises content specialists and experts who will create SEO-optimized content that your target audience will find valuable.

Right from promoting your products or services to providing your audience with answers related to common industry/product/service-related queries, our content marketing services will ensure that every piece of content published on your website adds more value to your reputation as a leader in your niche. 

Once the GMB profile is ready, and the website is optimized with the right keywords, we will start working on links and citations. For local business SEO, online directories are an excellent place to begin laying the foundation of their backlinks.

You can also talk to your partners, suppliers, and colleagues to see if you can place your website link on their websites. We also conduct extensive competitor analysis to know the link-building strategy of your competitors to target the same sources.

Citations are basically getting the NAP of your business listed in online directories. Yelp, BBB, and other directories that target your industry will be considered for citations.

Your target audience is probably using popular social networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. We can use these platforms to boost your reach further and help you climb the ranking ladder.

We will create your business page across these popular platforms and regularly publish high-quality content for triggering social signals to Google. With time, the search engine will start considering that your business is prominent and relevant to the users. Ultimately, it could lead to improved rankings for the target keywords.

Google wants to connect people with legit and trusted local businesses. Online reviews play a critical role in the process. While all the online reviews your business receives are important, the reviews on Google carry more value when it comes to local SEO.

Requesting reviews from your customers is the most effective way for businesses to get reviews. You can utilize the power of email marketing—simply email your customers a link through which they can leave a review for your business. The higher the number of positive reviews and ratings, the easier it is for Google to know that you are a legitimate business.

Alternatively, positive reviews will also encourage other people to consider your business whenever they need a product or service you sell.  

Once everything is set in motion, our SEO experts will also track the results of these initiatives. Factors such as website traffic, leads, and rankings will be closely analyzed with the help of various tools to analyze the performance.

These insights also help us improve our strategies further and deliver improved results. Reports are regularly shared with the clients to keep them in the loop.

What is the Cost of ChicExecs’ Local SEO Services?

It is very challenging to specify a fixed price for our local SEO services as the needs and expectations of every business are different. For example, some clients might need content optimization, link building, social media management, on-page SEO, GMB setup, or review management services, while others might need a combination of everything.

But to give you an idea, the services can cost $100 to $5,000 per month. You can get in touch with one of our local SEO experts to discuss your requirements. Once we know what you are looking for, it’ll be easier for us to provide you with an approximate cost. Rest assured, our services are highly affordable and offer the best value for your investment in the longer run.

What are the Industries We Serve?

While we cater to the local SEO needs of an extensive range of industries, here’s a brief list of who we serve-

  • Restaurants
  • Electricians.
  • Contractors.
  • Homebuilders
  • Moving companies
  • Storage companies
  • Roofers
  • Plumbers
  • Remodeling companies
  • Fire protection
  • HVAC companies
  • Pest control
  • Solar companies
  • Plastic product manufacturing.
  • Door and window companies

Why Choose ChicExecs for Local SEO Services?

While there is no shortage of digital marketing companies that offer local SEO services for small and medium business, we’ve stood apart from the crowd for several years. The combination of our vast experience, industry insights, and prolific team enables us to deliver highly satisfactory results to each of our clients.

Here are some of the reasons that make CheExecs the right choice for your local SEO needs-

White-Hat SEO Strategies-

We only rely on white-hat SEO strategies to improve your search rankings.

Highly Affordable-

Compared to the quality of services we offer, it’d not be wrong to say that our services are highly affordable.

Documented Results-

An extensive range of advanced tools are used to create detailed yet easy-to-understand reports for our clients.

New-Age SEO Techniques-

We constantly update our SEO strategies in tandem with changes to search algorithms to provide you with the best results.

Vast Experience-

Over the years, our SEO experts have worked with hundreds of local businesses across industries and delivered highly impressive results.

Still Searching for Trusted Local SEO Services? Contact Us Today

Local SEO is crucial for every small business aiming for consistent growth and success. If you are searching for a trusted partner who can help you ace local search rankings, ChixExecs can be an excellent choice.

Contact us to know more about our services and understand how our SEO experts can boost your local search rankings and deliver impressive campaign results.


Even if you have an online business, it still makes a lot of sense to invest in local SEO. Most people now search for local businesses, including brick-and-mortar businesses, online before approaching or visiting them. If you are not available online, preferably on the first page, you’ll lose many customers.

It depends on your current online presence and the keywords you want to rank for. While on-page SEO, keyword optimization, creating and optimizing GMB profile, and link building are some of the common components of our services, we will customize the campaign as per your requirement to deliver the best results.

SEO is a long-term strategy, and it is impossible to pinpoint the exact duration within which higher rankings and improved traffic can be achieved. If you are just starting with local SEO, it will take at least 6 months to witness any considerable results. It can also take longer for certain keywords and industries.

Yes, just like you, your competitors are also working on their local SEO strategies to rank higher. Moreover, search engine algorithms also change consistently. These are two of the most significant reasons why your local SEO efforts should continue even if you hit the top spot for your target keywords.

No, we only use white-hat SEO techniques that are well within Google’s ambit. This is also why we never promise any instant results that can be achieved with black or gray-hat SEO. In the longer run, such tactics do more harm than good. So, rest assured that our SEO techniques will only help your website and not pose any threat whatsoever.

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