Lily & Val featured on The Huffington Post


Congratulations to our Client Lily & Val for their feature on The Huffington Post!

Food is memories, sweet and simple. Whether its your grandmothers famous stuffing or the life-changing chocolate cake you shared on a rainy candlelit night with your favorite person, each taste and smell draws us back and our thoughts burst with nostalgia, love and even tears. We wanted to create a book that not only records the recipes that encapsulate our special moments, but also the memories that inevitably coincide with them. Introducing the Keepsake Kitchen Diary â„¢, a culmination of what we love about food and its direct line to the soul.

The Keepsake Kitchen Diary â„¢ exists as a functional, beautiful holder for your most treasured recipes, but weve made room for what makes the recipes precious: the memories. Each spread provides ample space to record dates, occasions, and thoughts in a meaningful way.

The Keepsake Kitchen Diary â„¢  is a one-of-a-kind heirloom and DIY cookbook that will bring joy to you and the people you love for generations.

Find out more at lilyandval.com!

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