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Congratulations to our Client Leisure Leash for their feature on Popsugar!

The Original Hands Free Leash System, Leisure Leash offers a one of a kind leash system that allows you to Walk, Train or Run with the option to be Hands Free! With Leisure Leash you will never have to think about your dogs leash again, because it is on your dog.

Every dog owner, at one time or another, must compensate for the standard leash length by wrapping extra leash around his or her hand, doubling it up in both hands, carrying the bundle or stuffing it in pockets. Upon arrival at your destination, your car, or home you must always find a place for the leash. With the Leisure Leash there is no need to hassle with the leash again. It is either where it belongs in your home or on your dog. The Leisure Leash is so comfortable for your dog he/she does not mind leaving it on.

Check them out at leisureleash.com!

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