Laceez No Tie Shoelace on Kickstarter


Check out our Client Laceez on Kickstarter to learn more about these fun and simple no tie shoelaces. With Laceez, your child’s sneaker instantly becomes a slip-on they will love. Simply put the laces through the bottom of the shoelace holes as if you are lacing a regular shoe with a typical shoelace, then when you get to the last two holes (eyelets) on the left and right side of your shoe, the metal T-ends secure inside or outside. The elastic lace is designed to give shoes a comfy fit while eliminating the need for tying and untying shoes.

Shoelaces can be inconvenient for kids, elderly, those with disabilities, or people who just like slipping on their shoes and going… so really all of us! Laceez no-tie elastic shoelaces provide that slip-on convenience. Find out how you can support Laceez and learn about their upcoming line for adults on their Kickstarter page!

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