KTLA Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and it’s time to treat her with something extra special this year (because mom is the one who’s keeping it all together for us during these tough times).  From Beauty to Tech, Mom of two and Lifestyle Expert, Susana Franco, put together some last-minute gift ideas you can easily find online that Mom is sure to love.

For the Mom Who Loves Her Beauty Routine


nyl Skincare

nyl® skincare focuses as much on what is not in our products as what is, and we’ve found ways to leave the bad stuff out, leaving on/ly the natural active ingredients in. nyl products are free of man-made chemicals, toxins, parabens, animal products and petroleum products. Everything we make is vegan (we don’t use beeswax), never tested on animals, gluten-free, and contains organic ingredients.



This is the best beauty gift for the mom who loves to style her hair! The one-of-a-kind volumizing iron will give mom the perfect volume, without her having to tease for days and ruin her hair along the way. It’s seriously the best thing since sliced bread was invented, for women with flat hair! You will get volume in seconds and look like you just got a blowout.

For the Mom Who Loves Chocolate & Tea


Sweet Vegan

If mom only chooses vegan options, we have that too! Sweet Vegan is here to show you just how delicious a truffle can be without using any dairy or other animal products. Sweet Vegan chocolates come in a variety of gift box choices. You can also create your own.

Kabaki Tea

What’s the one thing we get told the most when we’re sick?! Hydrate! With that being said, let’s boost your immune system with this delicious tea! This tea is vibrant in color, has high levels of potent antioxidants, and is delicately flavored.


For the Mom Who Is Health Conscious


The Restroom Kit

At a time when reducing disease, bacteria and viruses is more important than ever, this kit plays an impactful role and it’s supporting first responders and medical professionals in the process. This compact, all-in-one pack provides the four most essential items needed when using an inadequate or unsanitary restroom to protect against germs and harmful bacteria. Each kit contains a patented oversize seat cover with rear pocket to support stability and alignment, 1 yard of 3 ply toilet paper, hand wipe and flushable tush wipe.



For the New Mom



The MEMEENO belly band applies the optimal amount of coverage, gentle compression and natural warmth on your baby’s belly. This self-heating band gives your baby womb-like security and just enough hug around the tummy to ease out gas and relieve aches, making it one of the safest, most effective external remedies for gas and colic symptoms. The band uses premium organic cotton and water-based dyes in all the beautiful prints.


For the Mom Who Loves Technology



As people around the world tap into virtual surroundings to ease their thoughts and emotions during these uncertain times, one app is showing consumers how they have the psychological power to control life on and off the digital screen. Healium is the world’s first virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR) simulation powered by brainwaves and heart rate. Calm your anxieties and channel your positive energies to create a beautiful on-screen story. Your thoughts and heart rate control the visuals you see.


Video: This explains how Healium works:

This is what it feels like to use Healium:

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